Update: Doug is now stealing dogs…



You thought you could runaway and hide, Douglas?

That’s not how this works.

I warned you.

You should have listened.

6 comments on “Welcome

  1. Any word on this jackwagon? Last I heard he was trying to screw someone in court claiming he was hurt by them in some accident that he also claimed was caused in combat in the Great Hawaiian beach invasion while he saved 250 hula dancers and a puppy from a rampaging special forces coconut.

  2. I ran across this site when I googled this phone number of a man who has relentlessly harrassed me. All I know is his name is Doug (he told me Doug Cole) and his phone number. I have never met this person.. just exchanged a few texts after he contacted me on a dating website. This man seems dangerous.. the things he said to me when I told him I was not interested in meeting him (after he sent me some strange texts) were crazy and I’m really considering taking this to the police. Very threatening content. I am wondering if this is the same person. Has this person been known to harrass women on dating websites? This person said he was in the IT field and if I recall correctly tutors people with computer issues.

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